Neuromonitor intraoperatório de 8 canais.

Simples – Confiável – Expansível

Controlo funcional de nervos motores durante procedimentos cirúrgicos da tiróide, otorrinolaringologia, maxillofacial e carótida

AVALANCHE®  SI 2 – monitor modular até 8 canais para múltiplos procedimentos cirúrgicos. Design operacional simplificado de fácil utilização. Compatível com as películas de ecrã táteis para uso em Bloco Operatório.

Sinta a evolução!

Countless surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and OR nurses around the globe have relied on our proven AVALANCHE® model for over 18 years. We knew our new system would have to stand out in every regard. It is our great pleasure to introduce our latest model, AVALANCHE® SI 2.

Our SI 2 is the best AVALANCHE® neuromonitoring system ever. We have set it up with the latest technology – faster, more powerful and well-prepared for the digital future in your OR. The smooth glass front matches the overall modern appearance and highlights the rich colours of the new screen display. It is highly intuitive to operate – exactly what you would expect from a state-of-the-art device. Driven by Windows 10 IoT, the latest Microsoft operating system, your neuromonitor will easily integrate into your hospital information system.

Compact and modular

AVALANCHE® neuromonitors have long been known for their ease of use and reliable functionality. They stand out for their consistently modular concept with up to 8 measuring channels that is an intuitive fit for many surgical disciplines. Further applications can be added later.

Our AVALANCHE® SI 2 neuromonitors can localise and assess the functionality of motor nerves, sensory nerves or cerebral structures during surgery. The stimulators required for most clinical situations are built in. Our accessories catalogue lists all necessary electrodes for stimulation and signal acquisition.


Our slogan the art of neuromonitoring has expressed our own expectations for our product for many years, but we are particularly proud to have our performance recognised by independent experts. Our AVALANCHE®  SI 2 received the coveted PLUS X Award seal of approval in 2021 in 4 categories:

✓ High Quality
✓ Design
✓ Ease of Use
✓ Functionality

The PLUS X Award takes a unique approach. In contrast to many competitors whose recognitions mainly focus on design, the PLUS X Award follows a different philosophy. A high-calibre jury comprising representatives of various industry sectors rigorously examines the nominated products. That makes the PLUS X Award seals of approval not just a benchmark for the best products, but also an unmistakable sign of brand quality.

Thyroid surgery

ENT and OM surgery

Vascular surgery

Spine surgery


Rectal surgery

Como podemos ajudá-lo com o AVALANCHE® SI 2


✓ Simples – intuitivo – expansível
✓ Verificação de integridade funcional dos nervos motores em cirurgias da tiróide, ENT e maxilofacial
✓ Monitorização de prefusão de oxigénio na cirurgia da carótida
✓ Sistema de neuro monitorização multimodal – com outras aplicações opcionais
✓ Conetividade aprimorada e maior segurança de dados com base em Windows 10 IoT
✓ Monitor Touch-Screen de última geração ultra-responsivo higienizável
✓ Ecrã de alta resolução de cores vivas otimizado para bloco operatório
✓ Relatórios configuráveis – inclusão de traçados no realtório final
✓ Compatível e integrável em qualquer rede hospitalar LAN ou WLAN