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Electro-Cap Electro-Gel™

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Electro-Gel™ is a conductive gel for Electro-Caps. The Electro-Gel™ has been specifically formulated for the use with Electro-Cap products. For use with non-disposable neurodiagnostic surface electrodes during EEG exams, evoked potential procedures, and brain-mapping.

  • Do not use too much gel. The size of the area of gel becomes the effective size of the electrode. This can reduce inter-electrode distances and compromise the exam.
  • Place a small amount of gel into a clean container.
  • Fill the blunt tip syringe, and inject the gel into each of the recording electrodes.
  • Do not fill the syringe directly from the jar of gel.
  • If there is no hair at the electrode site, place a sponge disc around the electrode.
  • When finished recording, gel may be removed from the scalp with mild soap and warm water, and from the cap and electrodes with Ivory brand liquid detergent and warm water.


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