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Wavegard™ Electrode Cap

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waveguard™ connect’s exceptional comfort is achieved through the use of soft silicone rubber electrode cups instead of the hard, uncomfortable plastic cups that are commonly used in competing caps. waveguard™ connect caps feature concealed wiring and high density connectors, making the use and maintenance of the caps quick, safe, and easy.


User Benefits
• Available in many different sizes and layouts
• Small sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes provide high-quality recordings• No exposed wires due to inner lining
• Noise cancellation with actively shielded wires*
• Optimized shape of electrodes minimizes induction type artifacts (e.g. fMRI, TMS)
• Coolmax™ fabric for enhanced comfort and short drying times
• Rubber rings inside cap for stable electrode positioning
• Durable materials for long life span of the caps
• Comfortable fit
• Easy to clean
• Customized layouts available upon request
• Can be purchased separately or in combination with ANT’s EEG recording systems
• Adapters available for all major EEG systems


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