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Disposable Cap NETCAP

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The Disposable Caps with a International 10-20 Connection System are made with standard Ag/AgCl Electrodes. The large knitted net alows a optimal visual inspection of the patient skin.


The Dispocap is for disposable use and available in four sizes. The electrodes are integrated in the NET CAP with screwable electrode bodies and can be positioned very comfortable. The wires are located externally in order to avoid any pressure on the head. The Dispocap  presents maximum flexibility for a low budget.

  • Single patient cap with large knitted net for optimal visual inspection of the patient skin
  • REF electrode is included in the package available for any usage
  • The electrode holder closing system allows for easy repositioning of the electrodes
  • Ecternal flat cable configuration twisted inner cables are available upon request
  • Interantional 10-20 sytem used as reference for the placement of electrodes
  • Electrodes available in Ag/AgCl (tin on request)


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