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CNS Monitor

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Meet the only system that time-synchronizes continuous EEG with systemic physiology from over 30 ICU monitoring devices. Real-time, high resolution physiology enables a new level of personalized medicine at the bedside.

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Extensive data collection, EEG processing, remote review, and analysis

  • Interface with over 30 medical devices, offering support for approximately 200 physiologic measurements (see the list of device interfaces)
  • Powerful real-time continuous EEG processing including CSA, DSA, alpha delta ratio, power and frequency metrics, inter-burst interval, % suppression, % asymmetry, and aEEG
  • Remote review of EEG and multimodal data with CNS Envision or compatible Persyst software
  • Access extensive animated tutorials and context-sensitive help/troubleshooting
  • Store all digital data for export and archive via network connection or portable media
  • Enables creation of a Multimodal Database of physiologic and phenotypic data which includes NINDS Common Data Elements
  • CNS Monitors can be mobile or mounted on a boom or ICU wall

The CNS Monitor offers a turn-key solution to complex informatics challenges which would require significant overhead and IT investment. The CNS Monitor is a neuro-focused patient monitor that supports interoperability with multiple external devices.

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