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As a complete 2 or 4 channel neurophysiological measuring system for EMG, NCV and EP, the NEUROWERK EMG system offers almost unlimited testing possibilities for any clinic or hospital. Our high quality EMG recorders and intuitive software makes diagnosis easier and more efficient with time-saving features.

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High quality amplifiers for any application
» 2 or 4 channels, 24-bit A/D converter
» 50 kHz sampling rate per channel
» Second electric stimulator (optional) for triple stimulation and collision test
» NEUROWERK RC remote control for straightforward operation
» Connection for temperature sensor
» Internally switchable reference electrode
» Connection of any magnetic stimulators

EMG software that optimizes efficiency
» Freely configurable sequences and result tables
» Split screen for lateral comparison
» Export of the results to an external software (e.g. Excel)
» Automatic selection and calculation of all parameters (latency, amplitude, area, NCV and many more)
» Software options: MUNIX, VEMP, etc.

Automatic EMG analysis: In addition to the manual selection of motor units by the examiner, the automatic EMG analysis provides all MUPs of an EMG sequence simultaneously. Our user-friendly software is rounded off by T/A analysis and analysis of the spontaneous EMG which ensure meaningful results by calculating all relevant parameters.

NCV – motor, sensible, inching, repetitive stimulation, F wave, reflexes

SEP – arms, legs, dermatomes, trigeminus, pudendus

AEP – early, middle and late acoustically evoked potentials (AEP), click, tone and burst-evoked stimulation

VEP – checkerboard pattern stimulation, LED goggles or flash stimulator

MEP – arms, legs, facialis, incl. F wave for determination of the central motor latencies (CML)

ANS – sympathetic skin response (SSR), heart rate variability (HRV)

EMG – spontaneous, voluntary and maximum activity, triggered EMG, automatic quantitative MUP analysis, turn/amplitude analysis

SFEMG – single fiber EMG

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