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Probe Holder LMY-3™

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Transforming Transcranial Doppler Monitoring into an Easy Procedure
The unique design of the LMY-3™, Rimed’s third-generation probe holder, is based on an innovative mechanism that enables easy alignment and locking the Doppler probe for maximum stability. LMY-3 transforms transcranial Doppler (TCD) monitoring into an easy procedure.

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LMY-3 provides maximum stability and accuracy during continuous monitoring through its innovative One-Click locking operation. Its unique fixation device enables the probe to be easily aligned and quickly locked in place for an optimal Doppler signal.
The headset is especially well suited to functional monitoring during emboli detection and counting, bubble test exams, tPA administration, carotid endarterectomy and cardiovascular surgery.

  • Greater stability and accuracy during continuous monitoring – eliminates the need for technician or physician to hold the probe
  • Enables pressure regulation of the probe to the skull after the probe is locked – allows finding a better signal; adapts to different head shapes
  • Offers One-Click locking operation – simple and easy to use
  • Uses the same probe for diagnostic and monitoring studies – no need to purchase additional probe types
  • Probe holder offered as a unilateral or bilateral fixation device
  • Produced from medical-grade plastics for use in X-ray, angiographic and stenting procedures – suits simultaneous identification with TCD and other methods

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