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Transcanial Doopler Digi-Lite IP+™

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The high-resolution color flow imaging device, Digi-Lite IP+™, enables quick diagnosis of possible vascular disorders in the cerebrovascular and carotid arteries.
An external module for a complete extracranial investigation, Digi-Lite IP+ supports a wide range of clinical applications.

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Combining a high-sensitivity color flow imaging device with Rimed’s Digi-Lite or Digi-One device, Digi-Lite IP+ provides clinicians with an all-in-one solution to quickly and accurately perform investigational techniques in the intracranial and extracranial blood vessels.

  • A compact integrated solution for the ICU, modern neurosonology and neurovascular labs
  • Cost-effective device and easy-to-operate software promise rapid return of investment
  • Enables the clinician to scan the carotid system, extracranial vertebrals and the ocular system in complete triplex mode
  • Applicable for intracranial color Doppler insonations
  • Includes B mode and color flow Doppler (CFD)
  • Dedicated software integrated into Digi-Lite and Digi-One

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