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Adhesive Laryngenal Electrode

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The Dragonfly® is made of soft material to avoid any risk of injury while inserting the tube. Can be aplied on any reinforced endotracheal tube. Each box contains 10pcs.


Use of a laryngeal electrode during a thyroid operation generally allows use of a vocalis electrode to be dispensed with. The laryngeal electrode is attached directly to the breathing tube and inserted alongside it, thereby permitting reliable recording of the musculus vocalis.. The laryngeal electrode is also an effective and proven pick-up method in minimal invasive procedures.

Reliable performance of laryngeal electrodes depends on correct positioning. Please following accompanying instructions carefully and avoid using longterm paralytica.

The monopolar laryngeal electrode is a disposable electrode and comes in three sizes, with a 75 cm connecting cable and 1.5 mm DIN plugs: The bipolar electrode ist equipped with a 200 cm connecting cable and 1,5 mm DIN plugs.

–    Position marker
–    Silver electrode
–    With TNT-coated polyester
–    Red/blue twisted-pair medical cable with 1.2 mm outside diameter,
–    1,5mm DIN conn. with PVC sheathing in the same colour as the cable.


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