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Xpod® 3012LP Pulse Oximeter

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We only provide Xpod® 3012LP Pulse Oximeter with the Brown 3-Pin Connector (Embla, Natus, Micromed, and others)


The Nonin Xpod is a highly accurate, low power, easy-to-integrate external pulse oximetry solution for new or existing medical products. With convenient plug-and-play adaptability, the compact Xpod is an ideal pulse oximetry add-on that doesn’t require space in your monitor housing. For superior performance in challenging patient applications, Nonin PureSAT® signal processing and PureLight® sensor technologies combine for a highly responsive and accurate SpO2 monitoring system. The Xpod is now available with Mini-12 or USB connector options. With a volume commitment, Nonin can customize the Xpod to meet your connector needs


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