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FastTrack™ Effort Interface Cable

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To be used with FastTrack™ Effort Belt Pack (NOT INCLUDED)!

Please choose the compatible connector with your amplifier.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The FastTrack™ Effort Pack is the most effective infection control solution available to sleep labs. Each FastTrackt™ Effort Pack includes single use Chest and Abdomen effort belts incorporating our cut-to-size Button-Hole™ strap system. The FastTrack™ Effort Pack is ideal for HST applications as the belts allow for a very simple in-home application and can simply be discarded after the recording. No need to return to the sleep lab.

As with all Dymedix respiratory effort systems, the FastTrack™ Effort Pack sensor responds to both strain and pressure providing a very reliable and sensitive effort belt in all sleeping positions. There is no possibility for polarity reversal with the FastTrack™ Effort Pack The FastTrack™ Effort Pack is available in both adult and pediatric sizes and is compatible with all PSG systems including those with integrated RIP circuitry (Embla®, Grael® and Alice® 6). An optional SUM module is also available.

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